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Aptude's Value - IT Staffing and ConsultingAptude values accountability, professionalism, and teamwork. 
We aim to differentiate ourselves from other IT development and 
staffing firms by providing our customers with a second-to-none 
experience that earns us their loyalty, trust, and partnership. 

What sets Aptude apart?

Steep Capabilities

More than staffing: we also provide end-to-end development solutions to meet your needs. Unlike some companies who only provide contractors for hire on an hourly basis, we also offer senior consulting and systems design experts to that can help you identify the optimum strategies for implementing business and technology solutions. 

Aptude's Sustained Competency Staffing Model

Additionally, we provide customizable end-to-end solutions that include consulting, project management, designing, planning and implementing technology-based projects—in almost any shape or size—to support your business and technology objectives. We have the capability to provide any combination of on-site, offsite or offshore delivery models so you can stick to your budget and maintain whatever level of control over your project that works best for you.


Technology Focus from the Top-Down

We are more than mere recruiters who match buzzwords—our principals work hands-on implementing projects and providing technology solutions for our clients. When meeting your staffing or development requirements, we understand your challenges and have the first-hand knowledge and insight to address them. 

In addition to critical systems, software development and project management expertise, our management team has many years of sales and marketing experience working at senior levels for large companies. They bring new ideas and a fresh perspective to everything from problem-solving to pursuing new business opportunities. 

Access to Premier Resources

We use a proprietary database and management software program for our prospecting and customer service activities. Through our various alliances, industry affiliations and previous project work, we enjoy an extensive worldwide base of contacts. Our reputation and relationships with executives allow us access to these companies and individuals that may not be available to competitive professional services firms. 

We determine the applicability of potential candidates through our own time-tested screening process. This includes our own interview and review of the individual as well as personal knowledge based on previous successful subcontractor experience with us. We use our own Software Programming Proficiency Levels rating system to measure their exact skills and experience, and we conduct various background checks to determine their suitability for work. 

See some of the tactics we use to screen candidates in our blog post How IT Staffing Companies Can Screen Past the Fake Resume.

Learn More About Aptude’s IT Staffing Process

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    Aptude provided Build.com a Java, MySQL, Webservices and other UI based solution in the business domain of analyzing and reporting on user activities for our ecommerce website. Utilizing Omniture’s APIs to download, parse, and regenerate and upload back so that we could be more effective in our marketing. I was satisfied with their project work and delivery and would consider utilizing them for future projects.” – Dan D., Build.com

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