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Backed by Aptude's End-to-end testing processes

By leveraging our expertise in implementing software testing best practices, Aptude brings your organization unparalleled testing solutions to fully verify your application's capabilities.

Our testing experts specialize in Manual, Automation, Performance and SOA testing, offering innovative home-grown solutions like Virtualization in Testing, Software as a Service (SaaS), and cutting edge Next Generation Testing IPs and frameworks.

Aptude is recognized for expertise in the development of web-based mobile applications, games, enterprise software and networked applications. Our Java consulting and software development outsourcing services span the every project phase, from architecture to deployment, and we develop secure, portable, high-performance applications for a wide range of computing platforms across heterogeneous environments. Our methodology encourages communication, collaboration and end-user productivity, reducing the cost of maintenance for both enterprise and consumer applications.

We provide design and development services efficiently with more annotations, POJOs, simplified packaging and less XML configuration, Java EE 6 Web Profile to create lightweight Web applications from J2EE. JavaFX for advanced Java user interface (UI) platform for enterprise business applications. We use Ant and Maven for faster application building and deployment, and use Service Mix server container for side-by-side installation of applications with different versions.

Using the power and flexibility offered by the J2EE platform, Aptude is able to provide you with software solutions meeting your specific business requirements. All Java web applications implemented by us are based on cutting edge technologies. We provide loose coupling of java-code in JSP pages and separate business logic from the presentation level. This enables Aptude's highly proficient Java programmers to focus on your needs—so the solutions we provide are truly affordable, scalable, portable and easy to use.

Our Java Development Services:

  • Java Programming – J2SE (JDK 1.4/1.5/1.6), Java Server Pages (JSP), Enterprise Java Beans (EJB 3.0/2.0), Java Server Faces (JSF), Java Applets, Java Servlets, Java Messaging Services (JMS)
  • J2EE Application Server – Apache/Tomcat, BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, JBoss Application Server, Service Mix
  • Web and User Interface – MVC Frameworks like STRUTS with TILES, Spring Web Flow, Tapestry, Velocity Template engine AJAX using GWT (Google Web Toolkit)
  • Database & ORM Tools – Hibernate, MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL), JDO and JPA
  • IDE Tools – Eclipse, Netbeans, JDeveloper, Rational Application development (RAD 6.0)

What our clients are saying

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    Aptude provided Build.com a Java, MySQL, Webservices and other UI based solution in the business domain of analyzing and reporting on user activities for our ecommerce website. Utilizing Omniture’s APIs to download, parse, and regenerate and upload back so that we could be more effective in our marketing. I was satisfied with their project work and delivery and would consider utilizing them for future projects.” – Dan D., Build.com

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