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Business Intelligence and Data Support Services

Aptude's 24/7 Premium BI support can be tailored to the needs of your organizations BI and Data needs

Support Areas include Database Administration, Report Maintenance and ETL monitoring.

As a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner and Oracle Gold Partner, Aptude has the experience and know-how needed in today's highly complex BI and Data support environments. With the ability to support a myriad of BI platforms and databases, Aptude can provide a comprehensive support solution that will drive incident and ticket occurence down, while also reducing total cost of ownership.    

Let your talented BI and Data developers focus on strategic initiatives while Aptude manages the maintenance and critical support. Aptude's sixteen years of BI experience and a 24/7 Level - 2 and Level -3 BI and Data support capabilities can work with your on-premise or cloud-based solutions.

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Business Intelligence Support at Work for You

Aptude's BI support service frees your BI team to provide more strategic value to mission-critical BI initiatives. Our clients no longer want their top BI Architects and BI Developers to be bogged down by ongoing support and maintenance.

Stakeholders and shareholders are increasingly demanding cost containment from their support groups. To address this demand, Aptude provides a high-quality BI support model while reducing total cost of ownership for BI support.

Our BI Support solutions can be implemented in a myriad of models including shared support, shared services and/or dedicated services for ongoing BI application and BI maintenance.

BI Support Challenges

Enterprise BI environments have a number of BI platforms and processes, integrating with Database products, multiple analytic or visual tools, and complex ETL components. You have invested heavily in your BI team to strategize and develop new capabilities to your client base.

These solutions may be predictive analytics, Big Data or one of the many approaches to put modern BI in the palm of your user's hands.

Internal BI resources don't have the time to focus on support and/or maintenance, and these high-level personnel are too costly to be tied to support initiatives.

The Aptude Approach

Our teams quickly become familiarized with your BI product solutions and technology that resides in your enterprise. We then have the ability to resolve high-level issues, as well as enhance and maintain existing BI solutions including reporting, analytics, ETL, database development(stored procedures), Database Administration and more.

Aptude provides added value by utilizing an ITIL problem management approach using proven tools and strategies to track and benchmark tickets/requests, while communicating the results of outstanding issues to management. Our continuous improvement model helps us reduce BI related incidents. We're here to help! 

Reliable Support Partnership

Our unique services provide your organization with critical priority support/response across a technology-diverse BI solution environment while containing cost. With Aptude’s BI support you now have on-demand access to a pool of expert, dedicated, knowledgeable staff familiar with your BI and Database application system/frameworks.

In addition to cost-efficient support, you also have sustainment capability allows your organization to turn from “product support” to “new product development/delivery” with minimal ramp-up time and cost. All this with a partner who understands your technology and related business. This support offers reliable, consistent capabilities that can only be matched by full-time dedicated employees.

Business Intelligence Specialized Skills for a Dynamic Enterprise BI Environment

Aptude is a BI and Big Data systems implementation and integration innovator with over 16 years of IT consulting experience. As a Microsoft and Oracle Certified Gold Partner, we have the experience and expertise to support even the most complex enterprise BI environments.

Discover the reliability of our BI support services, and spend more time focusing on moving forward with your vital business initiatives.

Contact us using the form below for a free consultation on how Aptude can unburden your development teams and implement a cost-effective, process driven BI support solution customized for your technology and industry specific requirements.

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Don't like using forms? Call us at (630) 692-6700

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    Aptude provided Build.com a Java, MySQL, Webservices and other UI based solution in the business domain of analyzing and reporting on user activities for our ecommerce website. Utilizing Omniture’s APIs to download, parse, and regenerate and upload back so that we could be more effective in our marketing. I was satisfied with their project work and delivery and would consider utilizing them for future projects.” – Dan D., Build.com

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