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Dashboards for the College Career and Performance Index - CCRPI

Partner with Aptude for CCRPI dashboards and drill-down analytics using intuitive, easy and powerful metrics

The College and Career Ready Performance Index - CCRPI - is Georgia's tool for annually measuring how well its schools, districts and the state of Georgia itself is helping students achieve their goals.   It provides a comprehensive road map to help educators, parents and community members promote and improve college and career readiness for all students.


Although Aptude is not affiliated with the Georgia Department of Education,  we have mined the publicly available data and formatted it into easily understood dashboards.  Aptude continuously monitors the CCRPI site to insure our data is the most up-to-date.   You no longer have to go through the long, tedious process of downloading the data into a csv, formatting it and then graphing it.   We've done it for you, so why don't you give us a try!


Curious to learn more about the data and Metrics?   Visit: Georgia DOE CCRPI - Accountability page



College and Career Performance Index - Dashboards -  Powered By Aptude

Strategic Minded Educational Districts need coordination, visibility, clarity, and accountability around their district's and school's performance. By using our CCRPI Dashboards, schools can review and understand the data that may affect change and measure progress. By using our dashboard, stakeholders in the school community can consistently monitor opportunities and performance and compare itself against other schools and districts.    


Aptude CCRPI Dashboards

What insight can I gain?

The College and Career Ready Performance Index - CCRPI is a great data set and now Aptude and the power of Analytical Dashboards bring it to life!   

Information regarding the data can be found at:  Georgia Department of Education - CCRPI

Benefits to Aptude's CCRPI Dashboard

  •  Data from the CCRPI site is consolidated and graphically formatted into a Dashboard which easily allows the user to analyze the data
  •  Dashboards are available 24/7 and can be drilled down at the school and/or district level
  •  Analytics can be seen across time periods so that improvements or losses in CCRPI can be visualized and quickly understood.
  • Dashboards are viewable via mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones

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